180 Munters Drive 55″ Fans going into the new Pinnacle Dairy

Munters Extended Height CT Evaporative Cooling System will be paired with the Munters Drive fans to create the perfect environment

Munters Sales Representative Jonathan Chalupa recently contracted a significant project featuring a large order of extraction fans with Munters Drives. Pinnacle Dairy is building a new dairy farm in Wisconsin, USA, expecting to house, roughly, 5000 cows.

Pinnacle Diary has been a long time customer of Munters going back to their first farm 15 years ago. They began with Vortex belt driven fans and have expanded their use of Munters products ever since. Over the years Pinnacle Dairy has also acquired existing dairies with other equipment already installed allowing them to experience the difference in quality and reliability between Munters and its competitors.

Last year they decided to install Munters Drive retro-fit kits in one of their existing dairies. Their experiences with the Munters Drive in these retro-fitted farms lead to their decision to build the new dairy farm fitted with Munters Drive extraction fans. The new farm project includes about 180 VX55 Munters Drive Extraction fans.

“It’s hard to justify the person that it takes to change belts and grease fans on that size of a project. So when you can eliminate that for them, they really jumped on that,” said Jonathan.

Additionally the project package will include 100 AX panel fans and an Extended Height CT Evaporative Cooling System. Jonathan went on to say that Pinnacle Dairy likes the Munters service;

“They know we design our projects like they should be done. We don’t cut corners. We say what we’re going to do and do what we say.”

Additionally the farm will enjoy a significant energy savings compared to traditional belt driven fans. With energy savings of 30-35% over similar belt driven fans and reduced maintenance costs the farm expects a return on investment after two or two-and-a-half years.

“There’s really no other investment you can make on equipment or anything on the farm would see an ROI that quick,” said Mr. Chalupa.

Variable speed is where you see the energy savings. Even when running at 100% you still see an eight to ten percent energy savings compared to a belt driven fan that is just on or off. By turning fans on in groups set at 30% and then increasing the speeds together, the barn is able to maintain a consistent temperature and increase ventilation quicker and smoother while maximizing the CFMs per kilowatt hour.