Munters’ Positive Pressure Design

Munters’ Positive Pressure Design


Steps to the process:

-Air enters through the intake side of the building, which would be covered by a programmed or winched curtain, and also some bird wire

-Air will pass through the filter wall, containing both the pre-filter, and main filter

-Air will then pass through the cool cell wall (cool cell wall and filter wall can be flipped, depending on farm’s preferences)

-The tempered air will then pressurize the attic by use of our Munters Drive Vortex fans (this is the key piece in making this whole system work properly)

-On demand, the air will flow from the attic down into the room, through Munters BI28 ceiling inlets

-As needed, air will be exhausted through the exhaust shutters, which would be covered by a programmed curtain or sliding panel



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